Wild Foraged Stinging Nettles

Tivoli Mushrooms


8 oz

You best be careful when handling this plant! Stinging nettles are so named because when raw, they have tiny little hairs on them that can “sting” you, leaving you itchy. BUT, the prep required to make these greens edible is so worth it because of their super dense nutritional value. Use gloves to be safe when handling, and NEVER eat them raw. Run the nettles through a quick blanch process, lay them out to wilt, or sauté them to neutralize the miniscule needles and release all those vitamins and minerals those hairs were guarding. Nettles are a great stand-in for cooked spinach. Add to a rice mix; put some pizzazz into a frittata; or layer into Spanakopita. Cooked nettles also pair nicely with pine nuts and make a super tasty pesto for pasta or a sandwich spread. Comes in a plastic clamshell for protection.

Wear gloves when handling; do not eat raw. Store in its clamshell in the crisper drawer for up to 3 days.