Romaine lettuce is the top choice for Caesar and cobb salads or dressing up a sandwich, but you can use this crisp lettuce as a base for anything. Grill and serve with homemade croutons; toss with cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes for a delicious garden salad; use as wraps or toppers for sandwiches.


Row by Row Farm

Hurley, NY

Row by Row Farm was founded in 2013 by Dakota and Mira Miller. They met while studying agriculture on a small farm in central Israel. It was there that they cultivated their dream of owning and operating an organic produce farm. After working on farms for several years they decided to take the soil into their own hands. It is with great care for the environment and its biological diversity that they aim, along with their farm crew and market employees, to grow nutrient-rich food for an expanding array of customers.

In the winter of 2016 they moved to a permanent land base and Row by Row Farm is now settled on 140 acres of prime vegetable cropland in Hurley, NY. They are focused on rebuilding what was once a multi-generation vegetable farm. The farmland has been under organic practices since 2014 and it is with a sense of great pride that they are continuing to nurture the land back to a healthy and productive state.

They do not take the opportunity of stewarding their sliver of the historic “Hurley Flats” lightly and are dedicated to continuing their agricultural journey with a sense of permanence and long term growth.

Store unwashed wrapped in a towel in a breathable plastic bag in the crisper drawer of the refrigerator for up to a week. Wash before consuming.