We send you these avocados when they are still pretty firm, that way you have a little more control over when you get to eat them and don't have immediately ripe avocados that must be eaten upon arrival. Need them fast? Stick them in a paper bag in a warmer spot with an apple in the bag to speed their ripening. Want them within 3-4 days? Leave them on the counter to ripen naturally. Avocados too ripe too soon? Mash up the flesh with a bit of lime and salt and store in the fridge for up to two days or freeze in airtight bags for a few weeks--just defrost in the fridge before using. Avocados are sometimes hard to source 100% from the US, so these are Organic from Mexico, currently from A&A Loca farm. This means that while our avocados are not from the US, we are still sourcing them from nearby Mexico and ensuring they are up to our other very high food standards.