Lehigh potatoes are particularly hearty being the only variety that survived the triple threats of Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee without injury from the flood waters, common scab and the dreaded golden nematode. These are great all purpose potatoes, especially good where ever you'd use a yukon gold, with a milder gold color and fries better. Fry, mash, boil, or make a mean potato salad.



Eagle Road Farm

Quarryville, PA

This small farm takes root in the fertile soil of Lancaster County, PA. Using Integrated Pest Management, Eagle Road Farm takes care to control the health of their produce by using primarily natural, biological means to eliminate pests from their farm. This is accomplished through various methods such as pest habitat manipulation, growing of resistant crops, and cultural/agricultural shifts that make the crops a naturally more inhospitable place for those pesky little critters while making the farmland richer overall. Pesticides are used rarely if ever and only applied if all other means of pest management have failed and there is a temporary, overwhelming outbreak. These exceptional treatments and materials are selected with the utmost care to ensure as minimal an effect as possible on human health, beneficial plants and organisms, and the environment.

Store in a cool, dry place away from onions for up to two weeks.