Loaded Baked Potato Sausage

Seemore Meats and Veggies


12 oz

All the satisfying, comforting deliciousness of a baked potato...in a sausage. Humanely raised pork, potatoes, melty cheddar, bacon bits, and chives. Best for those times when you’re feeling snacky, which is always. Female-led Seemore Meats and Veggies make meat and veggie combo sausages that are made with 35-45% less meat than a traditional sausage and are up to 35% vegetables! USDA Certified with no preservatives, antibiotics, or hormones. 4, 3oz fully-cooked sausages per pack. Just heat and eat!

Seemore Meats and Veggies

Brooklyn, NY

Seemore only works with farms and butchers who treat their animals and people with respect. All of their meat is humanely raised and certified as such through the Global Animal Partnership. They also only work with paper vendors and production partners who commit to paying living wages and basic benefits. They value the entire ecosystem of food production—that means they respect their employees and the planet. In fact, they offset all of their carbon emissions from production and forward shipping. Their business choices are based on constantly improving the well-being of each of these at every turn. A little less meat means a little less impact on the environment (in fact, if everyone reduced daily meat consumption by 40% it would slash global emissions by 30%). Good jobs and living wages mean better product. Carbon neutral processing is better for everyone. And you can bet your sweet sausage that you’ll taste the difference, now, and for years to come. Seemore Meats & Veggies is owned and led by fourth generation butcher, Cara Nicoletti, and food industry veterans, Erin Patinkin & Ariel Hauptman. They’re on a mission to mix up the industry with innovation, responsibility, kindness, delicious products, and many sausage jokes.

Good for up to 60 days refrigerated and unopened, or up to four months frozen. Use within four days from opening, or freeze up to four months.

Humanely Raised Pork*, Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese (Pasteurized Milk, Cheese Cultures, Salt, Enzymes, Annatto), Uncured Bacon Crumbles (Hickory Smoked Pork, Sea Salt), Water, Vinegar, Salt, Cultured Celery Powder (Celery Powder, Sea Salt), Dehydrated Chives, Potato Starch, Isolated Carrot Product, Ground Black Pepper. Stuffed In A Natural Pork Casing. Contains: Milk*Animals Not Restrained In Gestation Or Farrowing Crates Contains Milk.