Honeynut Squash

Landisville Cooperative


2 pieces

Have you ever looked at a butternut squash and thought, “I wish this squash was smaller and even sweeter”? Well then you’re going to love Honeynut Squash. Looking exactly like a miniature butternut squash only darker orange, these little cuties are extra sweet, which makes them great for roasting with just a bit of honey, butter, and cinnamon for a sweet side, dessert, or a new twist on breakfast. Their super sweet flesh also makes for a great contrast to your savory dishes. Try an Italian style risotto with hunks of honeynut squash and swaths of sharp, creamy gorgonzola. Or, cook and puree the squash with onion, sage, and rosemary and serve as a sauce over gnocchi.



Landisville Cooperative

Vineland, NJ

The Landisville Produce Co-operative was started in 1914 and today is oldest operating agricultural co-operative in the United States. They represent a network of over 40 local growers who have been selected based on their continued quality and reliability. Their growers provide the co-op with product availability and, in turn, Landisville provides them with a sales and distribution venue. They also support their growers by providing point of sale displays and trade show support.

Store in the crisper drawer in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.