This garlic adds an earthy, robust layer of flavor to every dish, making it a year-round essential. Crushed raw into summer pesto, garlic is bracing, almost biting, and fresh. Roasted in winter, it's nutty and mellow. Chopped and tossed into salad dressing, it wakes up everything around it. Stuffed into a roast, it pushes deep meaty flavor. Always have plenty on hand.

Christopher Ranch Garlic

Gilroy, CA

Founded in 1956 by company patriarch, Don Christopher, Christopher Ranch has been the nation’s leading garlic producer for generations, with nearly 6,000 acres of California heirloom garlic, grown statewide. Unlike many other garlic growers, who offer short-lived seasonal varietals, Christopher Ranch offers the nation’s only true heirloom seed. Utilizing state of the art controlled-atmosphere cold storage, they are able to offer fresh California garlic year round- ensuring that no matter what time of year, you and your family are guaranteed to only have the freshest and highest quality garlic products.

Store in a cool, dry place.