Don't fear the fillo. Whether you want to try your hand at spanakopita or baklava--or come up with a signature crispy creation!--go for it. Keep it in your freezer for when adventure strikes you. 13" x 18" sheets THAWING DIRECTIONS: Place frozen fillo in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours or overnight to thaw. Allow unopened fillo package to stand at room temperature for about 2 hours before using. If the fillo is already refrigerated, just remember to leave it on the counter for a couple of hours to come to room temperature before working with it. Again, this small delay will ensure your fillo will be in in tip top shape for your recipe. HANDLING TIPS: Prepare all the ingredients for the recipe before opening the fillo dough package. When ready, remove fillo and unroll on a large smooth surface. Take off the number of sheets you need and cover them with wax paper, or a clean kitchen towel so they do not dry out. Re-roll the unused sheets and wrap tightly with plastic wrap and replace in the box or a large zip lock bag.. Fillo dough can be refrozen for up to three weeks or refrigerated for several days after opening.

Fillo Factory

Northvale, NJ

In our fast-paced lives, we look for foods that are both healthy and convenient. But you don’t need to compromise flavor and texture.

Every one of Fillo Factory’s recipes is truly a labor of love, deeply rooted in the family's history. Founder Ron Rexroth grew up in a fillo-producing family business. His parents sold it when he was in college getting his mechanical engineering degree.

As an engineer, Ron spent 4 years perfecting the latest generation of fillo-making equipment. Then, in 1993, he took what he learned about making the perfect fillo dough and opened The Fillo Factory.

When Ron and his wife, Melissa, started to raise a family, they were determined to nurture their children with food that was healthy, free of chemicals and delicious. Today, they bring that philosophy to all their organic and natural recipes.

Keep frozen until ready to use, then defrost 7-8 hours in refrigerator. Can be kept frozen for at least 1 year, or refrozen for up to 3 weeks.

Organic White Wheat Flour, Water, Tapioca Starch, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and/or Organic High Oleic Sunflower Oil and/or Organic Canola Oil, Organic Malt Extract, Salt, Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Tricalcium Phosphate

Contains : Wheat