Fillo Factory

Northvale, NJ

In our fast-paced lives, we look for foods that are both healthy and convenient. But you don’t need to compromise flavor and texture.

Every one of Fillo Factory’s recipes is truly a labor of love, deeply rooted in the family's history. Founder Ron Rexroth grew up in a fillo-producing family business. His parents sold it when he was in college getting his mechanical engineering degree.

As an engineer, Ron spent 4 years perfecting the latest generation of fillo-making equipment. Then, in 1993, he took what he learned about making the perfect fillo dough and opened The Fillo Factory.

When Ron and his wife, Melissa, started to raise a family, they were determined to nurture their children with food that was healthy, free of chemicals and delicious. Today, they bring that philosophy to all their organic and natural recipes.