Dill can be found in cuisines from Scandinavia to the Middle East, and has the potential to help lower your cholesterol. Make a yogurt or sour cream sauce with cucumbers; add to rice with lemon; toss with roasted veggies.


Jacobs Farm

Santa Cruz, CA

Jacob's Farm is a certified organic farm located in the Pajaro Valley of California, USA. The farm produces a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers and is committed to sustainable agriculture practices by using techniques such as crop rotation, composting, and the use of cover crops to promote soil health and reduce their environmental impact. They also prioritize the well-being of their workers and are committed to fair labor practices.

Spritz with a fine spray of water, wrap loosely in paper towels, and place in a sealed reusable plastic bag in the crisper drawer of for up to a week.