Basil (Organic)

Square Roots


1 bunch (0.67 oz)

Basil is so much more than that one, sad green leaf you find haphazardly tossed into your marinara or on top of your pizza. Basil adds a fresh, pungent richness of summer flavor to any of your fresh dishes, salads, or sauces, as cooking this herb for longer than a minute or two leads to a bitter, unpleasant flavor. Chiffonade basil to top salads or sauces for a fresh kick, serve whole with mozzarella di bufala and tomatoes for a super fresh caprese, or whip up with some pine nuts and olive oil for a super-satisfying pesto.



Square Roots

Brooklyn, NY

Square Roots’ mission is to responsibly bring locally grown food to people in cities around the world, all year round. They’re helping the global food system turn over a new leaf—one city at a time because greens should be good for all of us. Farmers, food lovers, and the planet itself.

So instead of shipping fresh food halfway across the world (like most food is today), they bring farms closer to people. Their first modular farm sprung up in a Brooklyn parking lot, growing fresh produce for New Yorkers, all year round. Now, they’re growing in four states and counting—responsibly, intentionally, and always locally. They’re guided by technology, but they grow with love.

Trim the ends and store stem-side down in a jar or plastic quart container with an inch or two of water in a sunny, but not hot, spot. Change water every other day for up to 6 days.