Nora Seaweed Snacks

Los Angeles, CA

Asians have enjoyed the great flavor and excellent health benefits of seaweed for thousands of years as both a meal, meal accompaniment and as a snack. Now, with the expansion of sushi and other Asian cuisines around the world, seaweed is rapidly becoming one of the fastest growing food categories in the entire world.

In ancient times, Pyropia, or red seaweed (gim, in Korea, or nori, in Japan) was harvested by fishermen from rocks and driftwood and so valuable as to be included in a bride’s dowry. But it wasn’t long before industrious farmers and fishermen devised ways to cultivate seaweed on bamboo stalks and nets, a practice that survives even today. Seaweed is what's known as a zero-input crop. It doesn't require fresh water, fertilizer, chemicals, but removes a ton of CO2 from the ocean!

Nora sources their nori from their farms in the protected bays of Korea. They select only the finest, high-quality product available.