Chaseholm Farm Creamery

Pine Plains, NY

Chaseholm FarmCreamery is located on the multi-generational Chaseholm Farm, just outside of Pine Plains, NY. The Creamery is one of only a handful of Farmstead outfits producing cow’s milk cheese from their farm’s own herd, in the state of New York. They are a grass-based dairy farm nestled in a 350-acre patchwork of pastures, crop land, woods and waterways. Chaseholm Farm continues today as a sibling effort in agriculture; Sarah Chase manages the grazing and farm lands, as well as a motley crew of Holsteins, Jerseys, and a few Brown Swiss, while Rory turns that milk into delicious Farmstead cheeses at the Creamery. Chaseholm's relationship to the land is built on principles of sustainable agriculture; they believe the quality of their milk is deeply related to the quality of their soils and grasslands and the life they support. Creating farmstead cheeses gives them a chance to see their product from pasture grass to Camembert, their attention guiding it all the way.