Our Classic American Yellow Mustard is made with American-grown fruits and vegetables, including carrots and butternut squash to add a slight sweetness. It’s zesty flavor matches the classic yellow mustard of the ballpark, but with a taste that’s naturally better than the rest. Squeeze it onto hamburgers, hotdogs, or whatever else calls for a little bit of nostalgia.

True Made Foods

Raleigh, NC

We’re remaking America’s iconic condiments using foods that are rooted in tradition, heritage, and most importantly, the ground. We started True Made Foods because a backyard barbecue or a trip to the ballpark should not be a compromise for your family’s health. We are out to create a world where people can enjoy their favorite foods without compromise. By using naturally delicious vegetables to flavor our products, we are bringing real food back.

Refrigerate after opening.

Organic vinegar, water, mustard seed, carrot, butternut squash, sea salt, turmeric, garlic, paprika, spices.