Winterberry Strawberries


1 lb

These strawberries are grown in North Carolina... in the winter! The use of solar tunnels makes it possible for Lewis Nursery & Farm to effectively extend the growing season for these sweet, juicy beauties--the tunnels optimize solar radiation for these crops even during the colder months. Lewis Farm's bright red berries have a sugary-tart, jammy flavor that brightens up any dessert, meal, or snack. Eat out of hand; freeze for smoothies; slice into salads; stew into jam or compote; bake a strawberry rhubarb tart or pie.

Soak berries in a vinegar-water solution (1/4c vinegar to 1.5c water), rinse, and dry thoroughly. Store in a paper towel lined container in the fridge for up to two weeks if you do the vinegar bath or up to 1 week without.