Wild Mountain Cumin Seeds

Burlap & Barrel


1.5 oz

Hand-picked by foragers in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan, Burlap and Barrel is the only retailer of this wild gowing cumin. Botanically distinct from your everyday cumin, this delicious spice adds umami notes of grilled meats or caramelized onions with a fruity apricot edge to any dish.

Burlap & Barrel

New York, NY

Burlap & Barrel sources their single origin spices directly from farmer cooperatives and small farms, bypassing brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down. Founders Ethan Frisch and Ori Zohar visit farms personally and spend time with farmers, learning firsthand about the economic, social, and cultural factors behind their farming methods. Burlap & Barrel then supports these farmers by providing purchase commitments to give greater financial security, sharing knowledge from across their global farmer network, and expanding on-site value-added activities such as sorting, grinding, and packaging to increase farmer revenue. Burlap & Barrel works with their partner farmers to identify unique varietals of spices that are often overlooked by the commodity spice industry – as well as valuable byproducts – to maximize the farms' earnings. Plus, in selling these spices, Burlap and Barrel highlights the areas they come from, bringing attention to sustainability and ecological needs and practices in other parts of the world.

100% Whole Wild Cumin