Wild Foraged Capers

Big Picture Foods


4.6 oz

Regeneratively Grown and wild foraged, Big Picture Organic Capers have a fresh taste with notes of lemon and richer flavor than the grocery shelved capers. With no additives or stabilizers, nourish yourself on the antioxidant, nutrient and probiotic benefits. Try with roasted vegetables, in potato salad, add depth to chicken piccata, or alongside dishes with red peppers and olives.

Naturally Fermented


Small Batch

Big Picture Foods

Barrington RI

Once you’ve tasted authentic, regeneratively grown and naturally cured foods, which are rare and hard to come by these days, you have a deep appreciation for the natural processes and all it can provide.

Industry veterans Daniela + Chris Jensen saw first-hand the shortcomings of our food system - how it prioritized cost savings and speed over the quality of food. Knowing there was a better way, they and longtime friend and colleague, Sotiris Kitrilakis, set their sights on The Big(er) Picture.

When you sweat the small stuff, don’t cut corners, and work with nature - she gives back abundantly. They leveraged longstanding relationships with small, regenerative farms in Greece and Turkey to build a supply chain that dreams are made of.

Sotiris, an expert on the art and science of fermentation, has made a career perfecting high-quality products (you may know him as the founder of Peloponese and Mt. Vikos). And just like that, Big Picture Foods was born.

Refrigerate after opening. Consume by date on package.

Organic Capers, Organic Kosher Wine Vinegar, Salt, Water.