White Cauliflower

Smith's Farm


1 head

White Cauliflower is the most common color of cauliflower. The head, or florets, is usually a creamy white color - because it is covered by giant green leaves which protect it from direct exposure to sunlight as it grows. Its flavor is mild with subtle cruciferous and nutty sweet nuances, a taste which is amplified when roasted. The entire cauliflower, its leaves, trunk, stems and florets are all edible! The florets have a dense yet soft and crumbly texture, while the stems and trunk are nice and crunchy! Blend into a soup; roast in the oven with curry powder; add to a crudité platter.



Smith's Farm

Westfield, ME

Store in a loosely sealed reusable plastic bag in the fridge with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture for up to a week.