Turkish Fig Fruit Spread is made with figs and reduced fruit juice. This spread is wonderful for breakfast on grainy whole wheat toast. Delicious spooned into yogurt or oatmeal. Lovely spread on a cheese plate. No added sugar.

Josephine's Feast

Brooklyn, NY

Josephine’s Feast is a collection of seasonal, sustainable, artisinally made confiture. The collection is made in limited quantities from local fruits using traditional slow cooking methods. The small batch production ensures a taste and texture that is unmatched in the market today, without commercial pectin, stabilizers, or other items that may be natural but are not necessary good for you. Josephine's Feast works directly with family owned farms on the North and South forks of Long Island, seeking out seasonal, local, sustainable and responsible farmers that allow their fruit to ripen naturally in the sun. The farms are always sustainable, sometimes certified organic and sometimes they have signed the “farmer’s pledge” and practice responsible farming. Josephine's Feast wanted to make something that they could be proud of. They wanted to make something that was better than anything else in the market. The team at Josephine’s Feast hope you agree that, quite simply, these are the most delicious preserves in the world.

Refrigerate after opening.

Turkish Figs, Apple Juice, Lemon Juice, & Fruit Pectin .