Tetra Squash


1 piece

Designed to be a zero-waste delicata squash, tetra squash was developed by vegetable breeder Michael Mazourek for Row 7 seeds when he observed how many rows immature delicata squashes went to waste since they could not mature in time for the first frost of the year. As such, tetra squashes are edible in 4 different ways: immature fruit, mature fruit, stems, and blossoms. This way, no matter what time the squash needs to be harvested, it is delicious and fully edible. These are the mature version of the squash, which are sweet with a tender flesh, like a lighter variety of delicata squash. Roast slices for a side or as sandwich toppers; stuff with meat and cheese or tofu and dried fruit and bake; grill.

Store dry in a reusable plastic bag in the fridge for up to 5 days.