Whole Bean (12 oz)


From the mountains of Tanzania, this medium to dark roast coffee has a medium and round body with a clean, fruity finish. Its fruity, rustic aroma is made possible by the hints of dried fruit, black currant, and roasted almonds contained within. But the real secret behind the unique profile of this blend is the type of coffee beans used: Peaberry. This pea-shaped coffee bean is the result of the fruit of the coffee plant containing 1 bean instead of 2. Around 5% of all coffee beans harvested worldwide are of the peaberry type. Medium to low acidity, with a fruity consistency that delivers a clean and crisp aftertaste.

Rural Coffee

Central Islip, NY

Rural coffee understands and values the coffee process, from harvesting of the fruit to the brewing methods. Their roasting technique and method is central to what sets them apart. They do not rush the process, allowing enough roasting time for the coffee to develop, enhancing its natural sweetness, properties and flavors. Their roasting process never burns or destroys the coffee beans, ensuring the unique and delicate flavors of the coffee bean are conserved and never compromised. With longstanding relationships with coffee farmers around the world, Rural Coffee seeks and hand selects some of the worlds finest, specialty, single-origin Arabica coffee.

Store in an airtight container. Enjoy within 30 days for best flavor, but will last several months.

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