Often referred to as yams, sweet potatoes pack a more nutritional punch than true yams, which have a woodier skin and starchier texture, like yucca. In fact, all the orange vegetables we call yams in North America are actually sweet potatoes, which means we have the basis for all your holiday classics right here. Chop, glaze, and top with marshmallows; mash and whip with eggs, butter, and vanilla for a sweet potato soufflé to die for; alternate slices of sweet potato and apple for a healthier, sweet side dish; or try simply mashed in place of white potatoes for a healthier alternative.

Our sweet potatoes around this time of year vary in size. You may receive one larger potato or a few smaller potatoes in your order depending on their weight.

North Carolina Grown

North Carolina

Store in a cool, dark area away from onions.