Sweet Italian Sausage

Stryker Farm


1 lb

Nolan of Stryker Farm in Saylorsburg, PA is a self-taught young farmer who started with a dream and a purchase of 6 pigs and 3 goats. Reluctantly, his mom got on board and today they run a successful family farm in the Poconos, raising the best pastured animals. Look closely at the sweet Italian and you'll see the fresh herbs and spices. Perfect in a pasta dish, on a roll with peppers and onions. Local, Pasture-Raised

Stryker Farm

Saylorsburg, PA

At Stryker Farm, they practice true free range farming. Each of their livestock animals has unrestricted access to a wild habitat of pasture and forest land, thus allowing them to act out their natural behaviors. Stryker believes that small scale, sustainable farming is the answer to many environmental, animal welfare and human health issues of our time. With words like "natural" and "organic" often being over-used, it is more important than ever to know where your food is coming from and how it was raised. Farmer Nolan want you to understand what makes a happy animal and what it takes to produce healthful, delicious meat, allowing visitors to the farm to inspect firsthand how well their animals are treated.

Pork, Sea Salt, Fresh Parsley, Spices