These bright red berries have a sweet-tart, jammy flavor that brightens up any dessert, meal, or snack. Eat out of hand; freeze for smoothies; slice into salads; stew into jam or compote; bake a strawberry rhubarb tart or pie.

Pell Family Farm

Somers, CT

Established in 1930, Pell Family Farm offers quality farm products and enjoyable family experiences at affordable prices. The Pell family operates farms in both Connecticut and Massachusetts to provide the highest quality Nursery trees, Strawberries, and Christmas Trees. On their fourth generation of farmers, the Pell Family Farm survived the Great Depression, with Edwin Sr. maintaining 45 cows, more than most other farms in the area, and working a nine-to-five at Hamilton Standard re-configuring machines. Through his unbeatable work ethic, his grandchildren have been able to keep up the farm operations and marketing along with their parents to keep the family nature of the farm secure. The extra effort they put in as a family guarantees the best quality produce imaginable.

Soak berries in a vinegar-water solution (1/4c vinegar to 1.5c water), rinse, and dry thoroughly. Store in a paper towel lined container in the fridge for up to two weeks if you do the vinegar bath or up to 1 week without.