Made from a century-old recipe using durum flour, fresh whole eggs, water, and spinach leaves, Raffetto’s spinach pasta is gently kneaded in traditional old-fashioned lamination style to give it strength and lightness. Raffetto’s cuts their pasta fresh-to-order on their 1916 hand-operated pasta machine. Their spinach fettuccine is perfect for adding a bit of green to your rich cream- or cheese-based sauces. Or, pair it wish an herby pesto for a boost of plant nutrients!

Local, Small Batch

Raffetto's Fresh Pasta

New York, NY

When the patriarch of the family, Marcello Raffetto, opened M. Raffetto & Bros. in the heart of Greenwich Village in 1906, it’s hard to imagine he would have expected his little pasta shop to last into the next century. Throughout 111 years, many dedicated family members and relatives have kept the business going and growing through all the changes that time brings – from two World Wars and the Great Depression to Vietnam and into the web revolution. In its early years, M. Raffetto & Bros. made three basic products: egg noodles, meat & spinach ravioli (Genoa Style) and, a little later, cheese ravioli (Naples Style). Today, Raffetto’s produces about 50 different kinds of pasta, choosing to follow the same principles that have guided their family’s philosophy since 1906: use the best quality ingredients to produce the best quality pasta. Their passion for quality sustains their commitment to continue to make products in small batches so that everything you taste from Raffetto’s is always as close to “homemade” as possible.

All of Raffetto’s pasta can be frozen, and if stored frozen should be cooked frozen.

Enriched Durum Flour (Niacin, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Iron), Whole Fresh Eggs, Spinach Chopped Grade A Fancy, Water