County Line Harvest


1 bunch

Though missing the distinctive florets, spigarello is a member of the broccoli family. In fact, it is an “heirloom” member because it is one of the parents of broccoli rabe. Spigarello, however, has none of the bitterness of that veggie. It has a sweeter, grassier flavor. Similar in structure to kale, this curly, leafy green is way more tender and makes a great sub for kale in a variety of recipes. Toss in a salad with some creamy dressing, or sauté with garlic, olive oil and some red pepper flakes for kick. You could also try it Italian-style in your next minestrone or creamy pasta dish. Feel free to get creative!


Store up to 5 days wrapped in a towel in the crisper drawer to avoid excess moisture.