Single origin organic green tea fermented in American Oak barrels using live active kombucha cultures and infused with Saffron, St. John’s Wort and Tulsi. When the days are cold and gloomy, call on your plant friends to raise your spirits. Receive a warm embrace from this herbal sunshine trio.


Troy, NY

Yesfolk is a family run brewery in Troy, New York. They brew their kombucha using traditional methods and the best and most local ingredients they can get their hands on to produce a rich population of microscopic beneficial bacteria. They do not filter or pasteurize our kombucha thus preserving the full spectrum of probiotics, enzymes and nutrients found in the fermented liquid. All of Yesfolk's fermented tonics are brewed in natural materials like American oak barrels and glass. They consciously choose to use cans as their main form of packaging because cans are easier on the environment as they require less fuel and energy to produce, recycle and transport than glass bottles. In addition, cans weigh less once full, which means a lower carbon footprint during delivery. The people at Yesfolk care deeply about making delicious and exciting beverages that feel good and play well with others.

Keep refrigerated.

Green tea*, house kombucha culture, cane sugar*, tulsi*, st. john's wort*, saffron.