Sidestripe Shrimp Tails


24 oz

Native to Alaska, sidestripe shrimp are second only to prawns in terms of size, reaching up to 21 cm (8 inches) in length. They have distinctive long antennules and stripes along their abdomen after which they are named. These hard-to-find shrimp are known for being distinctively sweet and tender and cook in only 30 seconds or can also be eaten raw. Triad Fisheries uses a beam trawl to catch these shrimp and is careful to release all by-catch back into the ocean. The shrimp are flash frozen at sea to ensure optimum freshness. All our seafood selections are evaluated based location and catch or aquaculture method as a recommended by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch. Catch Method: Beam Trawl Frozen at Sea

Keep frozen until ready to use; can keep in the fridge for up to 2 days. Watch out for pin bones when preparing!

Sidestripe Shrimp, Water Contains Shellfish (Shrimp).