Sea Scallops

Raw Seafoods Inc.


12 oz

These North Atlantic Sea Scallops are the favorite seafood of many - caught by a seven or eight man crew on fishing vessels off of George's Bank and landed in the port of New Bedford. The sweet, lean, and briny taste to these gems can be enjoyed year round. Scallops are a great low fat-source of protein and rich in abundance right off the coast of New England. We have found using simple ingredients such as butter, lemon, salt, and pepper yield a superb dish that will leave you always wanting one more. The scallops are individually quick frozen and vacuum sealed at peak freshness from the ocean. Red's Best uses advanced freezer technology to super-freeze their locally caught fish and shellfish to temperatures below -61 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 24 hours. They perform this process as it is necessary to reduce the risk of consuming raw, wild seafood. Red's Best commercial super freezer accelerates the freezing process, and preserves the texture of the proteins by reducing the expansion of water molecules within the flesh of the seafood. They are delivered to us frozen and stored in our freezer until they are packed in your box. Each item provides the transparent catch data on the packaging; the fisherman, vessel, port of origin, and gear used. Recommended methods for thawing:

  • Under refrigeration: Place a colander or strainer into a bowl or pan and place scallops in the colander. Cover with plastic wrap and let thaw overnight. When ready to use, pat dry with a paper towel and season to cook.
  • Under room temperature running water: Place scallops frozen into a colander. Run them under room temperature water until thawed. Put them on plate with a paper towel, pat the moisture off, and season to cook.

All our seafood selections are evaluated based on location and catch or aquaculture method as recommended by the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch.

  • Catch Method: Turtle deflector–style scallop dredges
  • Delivered: Frozen
Raw Seafoods Inc.

Fall River, MA

Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in fridge and cook within 24hrs.