Scallions add zip to everything. Char whole; use as a garnish; blend into a scallion dressing; make your own scallion pancakes.



Cal Organics

At Farm to People, we're all about delivering a diverse selection of top-notch produce to your door. While we thrive on local treasures, sometimes we turn to our friends in California for some much needed sunshine.

Sure, the majority of our goods are sourced locally, but for those seasonal gems like winter citrus or must-haves like bananas and avocados, we cast our sourcing net a bit wider. Fear not, though! Whether it's grown in our backyard or across the country, we've got our eyes on the details – growing practices, animal welfare, and ingredients are all held to our high standards. So trust your box is filled with the best, no matter where it grows!

Place scallions in a small jar filled with a little bit of water, and cover the stalks with a plastic bag. Place in the fridge and keep for up to two weeks. Change the water every few days.