These Sardines have an unmistakable flavor thanks to the way they are prepared, using traditional methods and carefully hand-packed, one by one. Ortiz catches their European sardines using selective purse-seine nets and prepares them by hand using the traditional methods they've practiced for over a century.

Add a punch of flavor to sandwiches, salads and your favorite tapas recipes!

Conservas Ortiz

Ondarroa, Spain

At Conservas Ortiz, they only use craft methods, taking care to ensure the source and freshness of each fish product produced. For more than 100 years and through five generations, Conservas Ortiz has perfected their techniques in order to achieve greater quality in full respect of tradition. These craft techniques ensure that the fish do not suffer, which improves the flavor and texture of their products. Plus, everything is caught, prepared, and packed by hand, which helps to ensure the highest quality of fish.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Once opened, in order to maintain their flavor for up to two days, we recommend keeping the sardines in the refrigerator, preferably covered and completely submerged in their olive oil, adding more if necessary.

Sardines, Olive Oil, Sea Salt.