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With its striking chartreuse color and fractal bud formations, Romanesco is a visually fun ingredient to utilize in the kitchen. From the same family as broccoli and cauliflower, it tastes similar to the latter. Many botanists believe that this variety was the result of selective breeding by Italian farmers in the 16th century. Eat it raw, slightly cooked, or all the way through. Sauté with green beans and garlic; roast with purple sweet potatoes for a colorful and mouth watering vegetable dish.

Sunny Harvest

Lancaster, PA

Sunny Harvest, LLC is a locally owned and operated growing co-op located in Lancaster County PA. With over two dozen small Amish family farm members throughout the plain communities in Chester and Lancaster counties, produce is grown using traditional and conventional agricultural cultivation practices. Family Farm Fresh produce includes: diversified vegetables, small fruits, greens, and herbs.

Store unwashed, loosely wrapped in a plastic bag for up to 5 days. Eat as soon as possible, especially if eating raw.