Robin's Koginut Squash


1 piece

This little pumpkin speaks to the power of pedigree. Developed by Michael Mazourek for Row 7, a seed company with a mission to develop the most delicious variety of vegetables you have ever tasted, the Koginut is a cross between two squash varieties prized by cooks: the kabocha and butternut squash. The texture of this squash once roasted is BEYOND moist--densely creamy with no dryness or stringiness. And the flavor is like an extra sweet butternut with hints of orange and vanilla--imagine, like a butternut creamsicle! Once roasted, we dare you to not eat the squash right out of the skin! If you can manage to hold off, Koginut squash is delicious in sweet applications like pancakes, pies, or even straight with some cinnamon, sugar, and butter; or try savory in a risotto with blue cheese and walnuts or puree into the creamiest vegan soup.

Store in a cool, dry place for up to a month.