Roasted & Salted Pistachio Butter


5 oz

Pistachio Butter is rich, creamy, spreadable, and full of flavor -- it makes you wonder why it's not a bigger thing. Plus, pistachios are considered by many as the healthiest nut to consume as they are lower calorie than most and full of antioxidants...and we think they're best tasting, too! And we love the whole food aspect of this-only roasted pistachios and salt in here! After three generations of pistachio farming, this pistachio factory really knows their pistachios, not taking any shortcuts and caring about every step from growing the nuts to creating the nut butter. Spread it on your favorite toast, dip your apples or celery, drizzle on your crepes or pancakes, or just dip your spoon in it, and enjoy!

or just dip your spoon in it