Red Vampire Plums

Glorie Farms


1 lb

Sink your teeth into this super sweet plum - it's is every vegan vampire's dream fruit! The skin on these plums varies from green to ruby red; the flesh is crimson red and very juicy. Hands down one of the coolest and eeriest plums out there!

Glorie Farms

Marlboro, NY

Glorie Farms provides the highest quality Hudson Valley fruit to markets, CSA, and farm stands across the region. They are an authentic farm winery and are passionate about the fruit and grapes they grow on their estate. They grow, process, ferment, age, and bottle nearly all the products they sell. Dan Heavens and Jacqui Ferrari Heavens are the new owners of Glorie Farms and Glorie Farm Winery - they are focused on making high quality wines from high quality estate fruit; and sharing them in a welcoming, knowledgeable, beautiful environment. Glorie Farms was founded by Doug and MaryEllen Glorie. Doug began growing fruit on what is now Glorie Farms in 1979. MaryEllen and Doug opened the winery together in 2004. They are known throughout New York for their farming. Since its inception, the winery has produced consistently high-quality estate wines year after year.

Store on counter until ripe, about 2 days, then transfer to fridge for up to 5 days.