Red Thumb Potatoes

Sunny Harvest


1 lb

Red Thumb fingerling potatoes are small in size and are wide, tubular, and oblong in shape, averaging 6-7 centimeters in length. The semi-smooth skin is ruby red with a few shallow eyes, brown russeting, and some dark brown spots dispersed across the surface. The flesh is marbled with pink and creamy white and is waxy and firm. When cooked, Red Thumb fingerling potatoes have a uniform shape and are creamy with an earthy, buttery flavor.



Sunny Harvest

Lancaster, PA

Sunny Harvest, LLC is a locally owned and operated growing co-op located in Lancaster County PA. With over two dozen small Amish family farm members throughout the plain communities in Chester and Lancaster counties, produce is grown using traditional and conventional agricultural cultivation practices. Family Farm Fresh produce includes: diversified vegetables, small fruits, greens, and herbs.