Red, Purple, or Orange Carrots


1 lb

Carrots are not often the center of a dish, but the inherent sweetness of these carrots will add dimension to your cooking. Purée caramelized carrots into a dip; mash into sweet potatoes; bake carrot cake cookies; roast with fresh herbs and other root veggies; add to mirepoix or vegetable bases to roasts or boils like brisket. Save the greens for pesto or smoothies!

Remove any leafy green tops for longer life. Store either in a slightly breathable, reusable plastic bag in the fridge, or in a sealed container in a shallow amount of water. Change water every 4-5 days. Store in the crisper drawer away from apples and pears for up to 2 weeks. Store greens separately and use within 3 days.