Foraged and Found


4 oz

These wild ramps are being harvested for us by Foraged and Found in the Timberlands of West Virginia! They have an exciting garlicky flavor with succulent green leaves and a tiny white bulb. Ramps make a bold statement raw in salads, and become more mild and sweet when cooked. Similar to green onions, this wild plant is entirely edible, from root to leaves. Roast bulbs with turnips; create a chimichurri sauce or ramp pesto; caramelize and grill whole for a simple side dish. Ramps’ rising popularity makes them susceptible to over-harvesting. Rather than gather ramps from endangered populations in the Northeast, Foraged and Found collects them from Appalachian timberlands in West Virginia that are slated to be clearcut. This minimizes their impact on wild ramp populations and simultaneously makes use of these precious spring onions that would otherwise be destroyed.Your ramps might come with a husk, known as the “sheath.” With this intact, your ramps will last longer in the fridge. Don’t remove until ready to use!

Foraged and Found

Olympia, WA

Founded in 2001, Foraged and Found Edibles has built a reputation for impeccable quality in the wild food world, offering foraged mushrooms, wild greens, berries, and teas to professional chefs and home cooks alike. Their wild edibles are harvested solely in North America, keeping a main focus on the Pacific Northwest. Waiting for the right time to harvest for peak flavor, freshness and sustainability is a core value of their business.

Roll them in a damp paper towel, place in an unsealed plastic bag, and keep them in the fridge. Make sure the delicate leaves are covered by the towel, and don't bend or crush the plant. Store in fridge for up to 4-5 days.