A cute, creamy round of goat cheese from cheesemaker Rebecca Velazquez and Barn First Creamery! Barn First has a small milking herd of thirty-odd goats, and is located in Westfield, Vermont which is part of Vermont’s remote Northeast Kingdom. Quinby is mild and delicate with flavors of fresh cream, goat musk, and vanilla with just a hint of mushroom-y earthiness. Quinby and all of Barn First’s cheeses take their names from maiden names from owners Rebecca and Merlin’s family trees.

Barn First Creamery

Westfield, VT

Barn First Creamery specializes in goat cheeses that aren't typically made from goat's milk. Founded in 2013 by Merlin Backus and Rebecca Velazquez after leaving NYC and settling into Westfield, Vermont, they built their own barn and began their dairy business with a herd of around thirty milking goats. All cheeses are made exclusively with milk from their goats, and are named after women in their family—particularly those who didn't pass surnames on to their children.

Keep refrigerated.

Pasteurized goat's milk, animal rennet, cultures, salt.