This beautiful variety of asparagus boasts large and impressive burgundy spears. Though they will lose much of their color when cooked, Purple Asparagus can be shaved raw in order to avoid any loss in its unique color, and it's just as delicious and sweet when grilled or even simply steamed.

Organically Grown
Indian Neck Farm

Peconic, NY

Indian Neck Organics is a privately owned, NOFA certified-organic specialty vegetable and fruit operation developed by our lead grower, Will Lee of Sang Lee Farms. The organic system he and the team have been cultivating since 2018 is an innovative commercial growing facility. Irrigation sourced from underground aquifers, long crop rotations with immense biomass for weed suppression and soil health, as well as beneficial and wildlife habitat incorporated into their growing system are some of the factors that help them produce a world class product. Their focus on the environment, sustainability, and carbon footprint plays an integral part in their continual evolution to a cleaner, safer, healthier food product. They are implementing systems and working towards off-grid production as a major collective goal. The solar powered system at the farm and their dedication to electric equipment continues to help reduce our impact and reliance on fossil fuels for the production of organic vegetables. A diverse mix of perennial and annual crops have taken root in a dynamic and ecologically friendly layout over our 148-acre waterfront farm. The former polo horse barns have been retrofitted to incorporate state of the art cooling and vegetable washing and packing equipment. The distribution channels that INO focuses exclusively on are wholesale, small commercial accounts. Their mission is to provide the freshest, highest quality, nutrient dense organic produce for the community and remain as environmentally conscious as possible throughout the process. Ultimately the biodiversity and incorporation of our protective, conservation minded growing practices should provide a benefit of health for the community and farmland over time.