Original Style Seitan Slices

Susie's Seitan


8 oz

These seitan slices are the perfect canvas for all your (vegan) sandwich desires! Savory and meaty, the rich miso flavor is balanced by a gentle zing of ginger and the nuttiness of tahini for a slice that is "plain" yet super flavorful. Load them up between two pieces of bread with some classic lettuce, tomato, and mayo; or cut into strips and fry with some mushrooms, onions, and vegan cheddar for an out of this world cheezesteak. Plus these slices are not just for sandwiches! Cut into chunks for stir fries or omelets; pan sear with some gravy and serve with potatoes; or wrap around veggies and bake.

Susie's Seitan

Ithaca, NY

Susie's Seitan provides a simple solutions for vegan & vegetarian entrees. Seitan (pronounced say-tan) is a vegan wheat gluten based product. Susie's seitan is similar to precooked deli meat. It has a hearty texture and comes ready to eat.

Keep refrigerated. Use by date on package and consume within a week of opening.

Water, Wheat Gluten, Shoyu (Water, Soybeans, Wheat), Miso (Brown Rice, Soybean, and Sea Salt), Yeast Flakes, Tahini (Sesame Seed Paste), and Ginger