Organic Ziti

Pastificio Felicetti Pasta


1 lb

Carefully selected organic grains are masterfully mixed with the purest water to obtain a balanced, velvety pasta that welcomes every sauce and always cooks to perfection. Ziti is a beloved classic for dishes like cheesy, comforting baked ziti, but also holds many creamy or tomato based sauces super well given it's tube shape. This ziti is made in the traditional way with organic durum wheat and pure spring water from the Dolomite Mountains in Predazzo, a city in Northern Italy. Vegan and certified Kosher

Pastificio Felicetti Pasta


At the intersection of two mountain rivers lies the town of Predazzo, Italy, home to Pastificio Felicetti, a pasta factory established in 1908. This family enterprise and its traditional knowledge of pasta-making has been passed down through generations. The secret of their magic lies in the simplicity of the ingredients: 100% Italian durum wheat semolina and fresh water from the Italian Alps. Pastificio Felicetti maintains the old-fashioned standards of pasta-making: employing bronze dies and low temp drying in the open mountain air. The bronze dies create slightly rough edges that allow the pasta to better absorb the succulent sauces it’s served with--just like in authentic Italian restaurants. Conventional pasta, cut with a Teflon die and dried under high heat, produces slick noodles that toppings can’t cling to. With their commitment to sustainability and the preservation of nature, Pastificio Felicetti’s products are a perfect fit for Farm to People.

Store in pantry. Once opened, keep in an airtight container. Use by date on package.

Organic Durum Wheat, Spring Water. Contains: Wheat Contains Wheat.