This rice vinegar is 100% naturally brewed from premium organic rice. Perfect for making salad dressing, sushi rice, and pickling, this all-natural flavor enhancer is excellent in all recipes requiring vinegar. Acidity 4.5%

Certified Organic
Wan Ja Shan

Middletown, NY

With more than six decades of manufacturing expertise spanning across three family generations, Wan Ja Shan is a global leader in the production of naturally brewed soy sauce. Naturally brewed with traditional Asian discipline under the meticulous supervision of its resident brewmasters, Wan Ja Shan has been handcrafting their soy sauces and other condiments locally in the Hudson Valley since 1945. In 2004, Wan Ja Shan launched its Organic Series to satisfy the growing need for organic, naturally brewed soy sauces and growing emphasis on gluten-free and other dietary restrictions. Named by Food and Wine magazine as one of their "50 Best Asian Finds," Farm to People is pleased to offer some of the best Asian condiments around while keeping to its local principles.

Store in a cool, dark place away from light and heat.

Water, Organic Rice