Indulge in the warmth of Luda's potato vareniki, handmade with love. These dumplings are a tribute to simplicity and flavor, with a luscious filling of creamy mashed potatoes and a hint of seasoning, all wrapped up in a tender dough shell. A timeless favorite, our potato vareniki bring the heartiness of traditional comfort food to your table. Easy to prepare and even easier to enjoy, these dumplings offer a taste of genuine homemade goodness that will transport you to cherished family gatherings and cozy evenings.


Luda's Dumpling

Brooklyn, NY

The story starts with Luda - founder Eugene's mother - who taught him the traditional art of making pelmeni and vareniki, an important family value for generations.

Luda's kept the family values, but put their own spin on it - something that would bring the classic taste of Eastern-European dumplings into the modern age. So they set out to create something special - dumplings that were not only delicious but also healthy, made with the highest quality ingredients and the latest quality and safety standards.

Luda's starts by sourcing only the best quality, freshest and most sustainable ingredients. Next, they grind, mix and season fillings according to our recipes. Once dough is ready, they form the dumplings on a custom pelmeni/vareniki machine, that was developed specifically for these dumplings. After they’re formed the dumplings are flash-frozen to preserve their quality and freshness. So when you get them, they’ll taste just as delicious as the day Luda's made them.

Organic Durum, Organic Potatoes, Water, Organic Onions, Organic Egg, Salt, Organic Pepper