Bacon--cured pork--has been consumed by cultures dating back to 1500 BC. The methods of preserving the meat, the cuts used, and the variety of recipes featuring bacon differ from country to country, but no matter how it's made, it's always super popular and delicious. Seventy percent of Americans consume it for breakfast, but with the deliciousness of Applewood smoke and the assurance of organic and certified humane pork, this bacon can be savored at any time of the day. Roast with Brussels sprouts; cook into a creamy tomato sauce; wrap asparagus or stuffed zucchini; crumble on top of a wedge of romaine; add to a hearty soup or stew.

Certified Humane.

Delivered frozen.

Certified Organic
North Country Smokehouse

Claremont, NH

Located in historic Claremont, NH, North Country Smokehouse sits on the same piece of lush New England countryside where they have been doing business for the last 100 years. They opened a new state-of-the-art, 65,000 square foot facility in October 2018. North Country Smokehouse's authentic charcuterie features traditional cure recipes, using only the best hand-selected, natural ingredients, and small batch smoking process over embers of local hardwoods. All of their products are handmade by expert butchers, wurstmachers, and smokemasters, who never use artificial flavors, fillers, or dyes. The smokehouse searches the world-over in pursuit of the highest quality spices available, beginning right in their own backyard, with fresh, local ingredients from farms, cheesemakers, and sugarmakers nearby. North Country Smokehouse sources its Antibiotic-free, Certified Humane, and Organic pork from farm partners in Ontario and Quebec, all committed to raising livestock humanely and with respect. Their farms are consistently audited by 3rd party organizations like USDA Organic, and Certified Humane ® Raised & Handled, to ensure they are meeting precise animal welfare standards Voted America’s Top 10 Best Bacons by Men’s Journal, New England’s Best Meat by Yankee Magazine, and The Best Bacon in America by Food & Wine, North Country has been noted for balancing taste with time honored tradition and modern food trends.

Product arrives frozen and can be stored in freezer up to 12 months past sell-by/freeze-by date on package. Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the fridge and cook within 2 days.

Organic Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Organic Turbinado Sugar, Cultured Celery Powder, Organic Maple Syrup