Napa Cabbage

Landisville Cooperative


1 head

These large crispy cabbages are one of our favorites because of their mild flavor and versatility. Make into kimchi; add to soups; use to roll up veggies; make a slaw.


Landisville Cooperative

Vineland, NJ

The Landisville Produce Co-operative was started in 1914 and today is oldest operating agricultural co-operative in the United States. They represent a network of over 40 local growers who have been selected based on their continued quality and reliability. Their growers provide the co-op with product availability and, in turn, Landisville provides them with a sales and distribution venue. They also support their growers by providing point of sale displays and trade show support.

Store whole in a produce bag in the refrigerator for up to two weeks, but eat as soon as possible for best raw flavor.