Mixed Plums


1 lb

These plums are a sweet mix of Early Magic Plums and Sugar Plums. Originally from Japan, "Early Magic" plums are so called because they are some of the first plums to come into season and their ability to grow with very little frost beforehand means they can magically grown and be available in most regions. Redish purple in color, these plums are still very sweet and classically plummy without needing to be super dark in color. Iconic Sugar Plums are an Italian plum that almost resemble figs in colors and looks, and they are firm yet juicy, dense, and sweet. Enjoy out of hand; bake or boil into dumplings; make a plum crisp, crumble, or cobbler; make a plum tart to serve with cool, creamy ice cream.

Store on counter until ripe (usually 2-3 days). Once ripe, can remain on the counter for up to 3 days or store in the fridge for up to a week.