Whether you want to make your own brothy ramen creation or need extra noodley goodness for your Shoyu, Miso, or Spicy Sesame Ramen, Sun Noodle's Kaedama is made for you. Perfectly springy ramen noodles are ready in minutes to accompany your dishes and imagination.

Sun Noodle

Carlstadt, NJ

Like the simple noodle, Sun Noodle's founders, Hidehito & Keiko Uki, started from humble beginnings. Hidehito came to Hawai`i from Tochigi, Japan in 1981 with just one suitcase, a single noodle machine, and a passion for sharing high quality, Japanese noodles. Visiting prospective customers everyday, Hidehito would go door-to-door with samples of fresh noodles and return back to the factory to customize the noodles according to the chefs needs. Every restaurant had a noodle dish they called its own craft noodle. Down the street from the Sun Noodle factory in Honolulu, Hidehito met his wife Keiko, who owned her own okazuya (Japanese delicatessen). Keiko soon felt the same passion and dream with Hidehito to spread the love of noodles beginning in Hawaii, the US and other countries around the world. Hidehito would make and deliver the noodles, while Keiko would manage and handle all the companies' other affairs. Founded in Hawai`i, the spirit of aloha is the soul of Sun Noodle's noodles and their extended Ohana as they expanded outside of the Hawaiian Islands to Southern California in 2004, New Jersey in 2011 and New York City in 2012.