Lunchbox Sweet Peppers

Sunny Harvest


8 oz

These cute little peppers pack tons of crunch, color, and a refreshing sweet taste that makes them perfect for salads, soups, or layering into sandwiches. They're also the perfect size for appetizers or general snacking: eat as is; dip into hummus; stuff and roast; grill or fry and use for a sweet and flavorful addition to your meals.



Sunny Harvest

Lancaster, PA

Sunny Harvest, LLC is a locally owned and operated growing co-op located in Lancaster County PA. With over two dozen small Amish family farm members throughout the plain communities in Chester and Lancaster counties, produce is grown using traditional and conventional agricultural cultivation practices. Family Farm Fresh produce includes: diversified vegetables, small fruits, greens, and herbs.

Store in a paper bag or breathable plastic bag in the fridge for up to 5 days.