Medjool Dates

Boxford Bakehouse


8 oz

Native to the Middle East, these little fruits grow in clusters on large Date Palm trees. Dates have a high sugar content which only increases as the moisture leaves the fruit. There are a multitude of ways to use dates in both sweet and savory applications. Sweeten a banana and oat milk smoothie; or add to a cheeseboard. Stuff with blue cheese and wrap with bacon to prepare Devils on Horseback. Please note that date sugar will crystallize and may appear white. Warm these up to remove white crystals.

Boxford Bakehouse

Plymouth, MA

Store in a cool, dry place away from the sun and any extreme heat and temperature changes, in a sealed container or the packaging they were shipped in for up to six months.

Organic Medjool Dates. Contains Pits. Processed In A Facility That Handles Tree Nuts, Soy And Milk.